America Funding Lending Investor Resource Alliance is a national association of industry resource professionals, providing small business planning, business development consultation, and venture capital resource assistance. Our well developed relationships with Angel Investors, venture capital funding firms, hard money and private lenders, small business merger and acquisition professionals, incubators, service providers, CEOs, and other intermediaries offering businesses and entrepreneurs unsurpassed consultation services for their business development and financing needs.

Get expert advice. Generally, you need professional assistance in business planning and legal or financial modeling, not to mention, logo, brand and web site development, power point presentations and graphic design. We can provide any and all of the business development services necessary to prepare, write and package your project for presentation to the investment community.

Regardless of the source of your financing… family and friends, venture capital or angels, you will need some vehicle to make it legal. We offer business entrepreneurs assistance by referring you to the appropriate AFL affiliate or certified licensed professional associate who can provide the required structuring and documentation assistance required for DPO (Direct Public Offerings), SCOR (Small Corporation Offering Registration), U7, RegA Offerings, RegD, LPO (Limited Liability Partnership) Offerings and PPM, (Private Placement Memorandums).

We will create, format and/or customize PowerPoint presentations based on your company’s business plan. We can provide various financial business models to present to diverse venture capital groups, investment brokerage firms, institutional investors, accredited investors (Angel’s), Banks/SBA, Banks, SBICs, MESBICs, SBDCs and other capital funding resources such as; factoring and leasing companies.

If your business is expanding or acquiring new companies, products or services, our network team of marketing professionals can help you communicate your vision to your investors, lenders, present and future customers. We can review and quantify the market by providing demographic and feasibility studies to determine the income potential and resources required to realistically penetrate your market at all stages of your development.

America Funding Lending understands the need for Capital Funding NOW.

We know that the harder it is to obtain capital and the longer it takes the easier you can be discouraged from realizing your dreams of opening a business or expanding your existing business.

America Funding Lending specializes in both Conventional and Hard to Fund projects that require a creative funding approach.

We welcome all inquiries about our products and services. Please email or call us today. We look forward to helping you.

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