Business Acquisition Loan

Business acquisition loans are loans that you will need if you are purchasing an existing business and assuming ownership of the business, or if you are purchasing a local business that is part of a franchise. This is the method that many people use to becoming small business owners, because it is generally easier to buy a business that has already been started by someone else. In most cases, you may need funding for repairs or to improve advertising, but you won’t have to worry about coming up with additional money to buy all the supplies for the business, or to have a building for the business.

Getting business acquisition loans is ideal for people who already have good business sense, but may not want to spend time starting a business from scratch. If may also be easier to learn business strategies from the former business owner. Similarly it is also very easy to keep the same connections of the former business owner. Some of them could be the electric suppliers for the business, the company that provided the business with office supplies, etc.

◦No collateral or equity required
◦Fast approvals within 1-3 business days
◦Cash available for any purpose
◦Easy application process
◦No financial documentation required in most instances
◦Lower interest rates provided
◦Costly mistakes eliminated
◦Confidential expert consulting from start to finish
◦No application costs or upfront fees
◦Business license not required
◦Any business type accepted
◦Available in all 50 states

RATES: As low as 6.99% variable APR
TERMS: 6-84 Months

Approval amounts and interest rates are based on personal credit history. Our specialty is securing you the lowest rate and best terms with the least documentation required.