How To Establish Business Credit!

How to establish business credit, is a step-by step process. The first step is for you to make sure that your business foundation is set and that your business has done the simple items that lenders require and that will at least get you listed with the business credit agencies.

Once you have made sure that your business foundation is correct, the next step is to develop business borrowing relationships vendors and suppliers that are willing to extend to your business credit payment terms and that will report your payment history to the business credit reporting agencies. You will need five such vendors and/or suppliers that extend this credit without it being tied to you social security number or personal guarantee.

To establish business credit, the third step is to obtain three business credit cards that are not connected to you personally and that all report to the business credit agencies. Unfortunately out of more than 500 business credit cards, there are less than 60 that will even consider approving you without using your personal credit too.

Once those steps are complete you can then build on those credit relationships and use them as references to obtain larger and larger accounts. Remember, how to establish your business credit is a process that can only be completed if those who extend your business credit report to the bureaus.

The most important part to establish business credit is to separate your business credit from your personal credit. When you use personal money or credit scores to secure funding for your business, you become personally liable for all your business debt. Then, if the business fails your personal credit gets destroyed too.